Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Interview with UPD USC Chair Titus Tan

This morning, we have finally finished writing the Titus Tan* feature story (for Prof. Rara's J111 class). The article was exceptionally long: it reached 1,300 words. In fact, there are some parts of of the interview that has been left out like his thoughts on the perceived youth apathy. The entire story would be posted here soon. The story was titled “Titus Tan: A Student Leader, A Young Achiever.”For now, here are excerpts:

“Recalling the day of triumph, Tan said he was elated by the results. “Efforts had paid off. I can't say though that it's a personal thing. I don't focus in the effect of an event on me personally. I look at the bigger picture. Since many of my KAISA party mates won, the students have clearly supported our platform,” he said. The cheers and pats on the shoulder can't last too long, however. “There are the expectations. There's the pressure. You have to fulfill what you promised,” Tan added. ...

Tan let out a smile when told that science and politics seems to be “too far apart.” Asked what being a student leader means to him, he said it is synonymous to “being given an opportunity to express one’s style of executing a task.” “But always keep in mind that being in a position of influence, (a leader) must be cognizant of his actions and use it to promote a cause – and your style of leadership,” he explained.”

*Titus C.K. Tan is the current chairperson of the UP Diliman University Student Council. Elected last February with 49% of the total votes cast, his term would end in May.

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