Monday, October 5, 2009


Her former students will remember her in many ways. The one who reminds them to "be good and make good"; the one who never allows students to report unless they use colorful visual aids and the teacher who "coerces" her students to attend school events as a "socialization requirement." And how can we forget her order for us to have a bank account? And there's also the "energizer" before the class starts (Ye-ye Bonel)!

When I learned that Ondoy has caused flash floods in places like Marikina, Cainta and Pasig, I immediately texted her to know how she and her octogenarian mom is doing because I know they are living near the Tumana river in Marikina. That was last September 26. I have texted her again in the succeedding days and still, no response.

When I visited RMHS yesterday, her co-teachers at the SS Department (like Ms Melania Vitan) that they've been doing the same thing in vain for ten days. This is chilling. Up to now, no one knows what happened to Ms Merida. Yesterday, her fellow economics teacher Linda Sabalza tried to call her, but the phone is "unattended." Right now, I'm certainly not at peace knowing that her fate remains unknown.

To me, Ms Milgray Merida of Ramon Magsaysay High School's Social Studies Department is not just a class adviser. She is my first mentor.We've known each other since she became my trainer for the first-ever city-wide contest that I have participated in, and that was in January 2003. She have seen all my empathic triumphs as well as my frustrations in school. Even when I'm already a UP student, I have always kept in touch with her through text. And she never fail to tell me how thankful she was to me for remembering her, and she'd ask too how my mom is doing.

I am helpless. All I can do is to ask God to save her from harm's way. I can only hope that she's safe now. I hope that you'll pray for her too. We can only hope for the best in this situation. Please ask your batchmates and former classmates to do the same thing too. Please spread the word. If you can, please repost this entry too. Thank you.


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Maria Fe Theresse said...

Hi! I'm also a graduate from RMHS- Einstein Batch 03..Ms Merida was our adviser..please allow me to repost this in FB..Let's pray that she and her mother are safe..Thanks! - Marife Bayani